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Industrial Visit

Industrial visits sharpens the knowledge of MBA students as they are exposed to the challenges and difficulties faced by the corporates in today’s technical world. At SKIMT, Industrial visits are a routine affair. Students are taken to visit industrial units situated in and around Sivakasi, Virudhunagar, Madurai once in a fortnight.

Three days Industrial Visit tour to far off places like Chennai, Bangalore are also organised for II MBA students every  year. It immensely adds to the understanding of business practices and helps the students in shaping their careers.


S.No Date Name of the Industry Students visited
1 23-7-2022
  1. Sega Plascan Exports, Virudhunagar
  2. Sri Adhavan Polymers, Virudhunagar
  3. Sri Raman Textiles
II MBA Students
2 15-09-2022
  1. Bell Industrial & Stationery Supplies Pvt Ltd., Palayamkottai
  2. Shanthini Polymers, Thirunelveli
II MBA Students
3 19-09-2022 Modern Matches (P.) Limited, Sivakasi I MBA Students
4 13-10-2022
  1. Nila Cold Storage Pvt Ltd, Tuticorin
  2. Yentop Manickam Edible Oils Pvt. Ltd, Tuticorin
II MBA Students
5 21-10-2022 VVV& Sons Edible Oils Limited, I MBA Students
6 17-11-2022
  1. Hi- Tech Arai Private Limited, Madurai
  2. Arvind Chettinadu snacks, Madurai
II MBA Students
7 24-11-2022
  1. Raamji Poly Pack
  2. Raamji Paper & Boards
I MBA Students
8 27-1-2023
  1. The Hindu
  2. Arvind Chettinadu snacks
I MBA Students
9 20-2-2023
  1. Columbus Premier Shoes Private Limited , New Delhi
  2. Galaxy Sports Shoe Co Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  3. Lajawaab Shoes Private Limited, Bahadurgarh, Haryana
II MBA Students
10 21-02-2023 Sky Toys, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh II MBA Students
11 23-02-2023 Akaashvani – All India Radio, Delhi II MBA Students


1 9.5.2022 Hatsun Agro Products,Chennai II MBA
2 9.5.2022 Modern Bakers, Chennai II MBA
3 10.5.2022 Integral Coach Factory, Chennai II MBA
4 10.5.2022 Shansco Packaging II MBA
5 6.4.2022 Micro Fine Clothing, Madurai I MBA
6 6.4.2022 Tractor & farm Equipment Limited, Madurai I MBA
7 5.4.2022 Gowri House Metal Works, Rajapalayam II MBA
8 5.4.2022 Standard Spinning & Weaving Mill, Srivilliputur II MBA
9 2.12.2021 Veeram Natural Products, SIDCO, Sivakasi I MBA
10 2.12.2021 Sri Raga Package, SIDCO, Sivakasi I MBA
11 2.12.2021 Sri Sairam Package, SIDCO, Sivakasi I MBA
12 2.12.2021 Sagar Color Pack, SIDCO, Sivakasi I MBA
13 2.12.2021 Vetri & Co (Aluminium Foil Packaging), SIDCO, Sivakasi I MBA
14 2.12.2021 City Mills (Power Looms), SIDCO, Sivakasi I MBA
15 2.12.2021 Bhavani Industries (Unit of Senthil Match works) I MBA
16 25.11.2021 Kasiananda Cooking Ranges Private limited, Thirunelveli II MBA
17 25.11.2021 Shanthini Polymers, Thirunelveli II MBA
18 25.11.2021 Jene PVC Pipes, Thirunelveli II MBA
19 25.11.2021 Ganesa Vilas (Aluminium Alloy), Thirunelveli II MBA
20 25.11.2021 Laxmi Metals, Thirunelveli II MBA


1 1.02.2020


Bright Brothers Ltd
Sree Ramana Cartons
E-MOX Manufacturing Private Limited

2 31.01.2020


Kamal Foam Pvt Ltd
Allva Plast
Flavours India Pvt Ltd
Sun Fab Metal Coating
Ruchi Packaging Pvt Ltd
Kosh Innovations
Gothi Plascon India Ltd

3 3-01-2020 Nila Sea foods &  Venus Home Appliances, Tuticorin        I MBA
4 19.10.2019 Nila soaps                                     I MBA
5 12.9.2019                 Arvind Chettinad Snacks, Kappalur & Patwari Bakers Pvt.Ltd, Kappalur, Madurai     I & II MBA
6 26/8/2019                Sri Kaliswari Fireworks & Bharath Fireworks, Sivakasi                  I & II MBA


S.No Date Name of the Industry Students visited
1. 23-06-2018 Patwari Bakers, Kappalur Industrial Estate Madurai II MBA
09-08-18 Tuticorin
  1. Nila Cold Storage Pvt Ltd
  2. Venus Home Appliances Pvt ltd
  3. VVD Coconut oil Pvt Ltd
I & II MBA Students
3 14-08-18 Vibrant Tamilnadu – Food exhibition, Ida Scudder Hall Velammal Medical College, Madurai I & II MBA Students
4 18-08-18 Tamilnadu Cements, Alangulam II MBA Students
5 24-09-18 Sripathi Paper and Boards Pvt Ltd, Sukkiravarpatti I & II MBA Students
6 10-10-18 to 13-10-18 Bangalore
  1. JVS Electronics Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (11-10-18)
  2. Lazza Ice creams, Bengaluru (11-10-18)
  3. Hindusthan Aeronautics  Limited, Bengaluru (12-10-18)
  4. BEML – Bharat Earth Movers Ltd, Bengaluru (12-10-18)
  5. Karnataka Soaps and detergents Ltd, Bengaluru (12-10-18)
  6. Mysore Silk Factory, Mysuru (13-10-18)
II MBA Students
7 26-10-18 Hi- Tech Arai Pvt Ltd, Madurai I MBA Students
8 2-2-2019

The India Cements Ltd, Thalaiyuthu, Tirunelveli

Vaanavil Paints, Alangulam
I & II MBA Students
9 2-2-2019

Vikas Tapes,Vanniampatti Vilakku

Vikas Nighties, Nallamangalam, Dhalavoipuram
I & II MBA Students

Bangalore Industrial Visit - 11 - 13th October 2018 Photos

Bharath Earth Movers Limited, Bangalore

Hindusthan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore

Karnataka Soaps, Bangalore & Lazza Ice Creams, Bangalore


Mysore Silk, Mysore

Chennai Industrial Visit Photos - 17-19th August 2017

Reserve Bank of India 

Integrated Coach Factory 

Parle Biscuits

Hatsun Agro products Limited

Sri Kaliswari Fireworks, Karichery on 20th June 2017

Modern Matches, Sivakasi on 7th July 2017

Nila Soaps Pvt. Ltd. on 1st September 2017

Micro Fine Clothing, Madurai on 15th March 2018